Height API

MAPCAT Height API is used to query elevation values at specific geo-coordinates. Height API is extremely useful for creating elevation profiles for routes.

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You can find a detailed description of the request parameters and the response scheme of the API point in our swagger documentation.

You can access this API with your Height API key soon.


Here is a simple javascript example below showing how to use our Height API from browser:

var req = new XMLHttpRequest();

var reqListener = function(e) {
    console.log(req.response); // logging the elevation response to the console
req.addEventListener('load', reqListener);
req.open('POST', 'https://api.mapcat.com/relief/heights', true);
req.setRequestHeader('X-Api-Key', '< Your MAPCAT Height API key >');


There are no url parameters to specify.

POST data

The geo-coordinates for which you want to retrieve the elevation values should be put to the POST data of the xhr request. It should have the following json format: array of pairs of numbers (arrays of size 2), each pair representing the longitude and latitude coordinates of the geopoint.


The response is a json object. It contains meta and result fields. The meta field has version, status_code and message values. Field version represents the version of the Height API engine, the status_code is equal to the http status code of the response, and the message string field contains a detailed error message if any. When there was no error during processing the request, the result array field gives us the elevations (in meters) at the requested points. The size of the result array is always equal to the size of the request array specified in the POST data.