MAPCAT for Developers

Custom-made, easy-to-integrate OpenStreetMap-based worldwide map API for public websites, internal systems or mobile apps to let your location-based info come to life.

  • Extremly simple integration
  • Works with your current systems, easy to install or switch to

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Why to choose MAPCAT?

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Web development with MAPCAT

Currently the easiest way to start rendering map tiles provided by MAPCAT is by either using Leaflet JS or OpenLayers.

Both Leaflet JS and OpenLayers are open source libraries for embedding interactive maps into webpages.

Get started with MAPCAT

To integrate your application with MAPCAT services, you will need to subscribe for one of our plans (free or commercial). You can do this by contacting us, most conveniently through our Pricing page.

To access our services, unique keys are required that connect API requests to your subscription. When you subscribe for a plan, we will provide you the MAPCAT API keys you may use to integrate your application with MAPCAT services. The API keys provide unique identification of your subscription and allow you to access all the services that you are provided within your subscription.

The basic services available in all plans are: map visualization (map tiles rendering), geocoding (search and reverse geocoding) and route planning. You will access these services through our service API-s, using for each the API keys provided by us.

You can render the map tiles provided by either using Leaflet JS or OpenLayers, our detailed technical descriptions will guide you in setting up your application:


Vector tiles

MAPCAT backend is suitable for serving both raster and vector tiles.
Our vector tiles conform to the Mapbox Vector Tile Specification.
MAPCAT vector tile data schema is based on and extends the well-known Open Map Tiles Schema.
Here is a detailed specification of our MAPCAT Vector Tile Schema.